I am currently a product manager at Google, adding value to Chrome Security. Despite this, I identify both as an engineer and security researcher. I cofounded Censys, an attack-surface management security startup. I left Censys after their Series A. They’ve since raised a Series B Series C! I was employee #2 at Nametag. I’m also a core contributor to the ZMap open-source project. I do part-time consulting and advising for startups. I can help with building out early engineering teams, evaluating market opportunities for B2B security software, and cryptography engineering.

I defended my PhD at the University of Michigan in 2018. My advisor was J. Alex Halderman. My research was based on using Internet-wide scanning to measure how cryptography is used on the Internet. It led to the discovery of the Logjam and DROWN attacks on TLS, and the creation of Censys. I also a lectured for the undergraduate security course.

In 2021, I accidentally started the “Security. Cryptography. Whatever." podcast with Deirdre Connolly and Thomas Ptacek.