I am a developer and security researcher. I am a cofounder of Censys, where I currently lead the engineering team.

I defended my PhD at the University of Michigan in 2018. My advisor was J. Alex Halderman. During my PhD, my research on using Internet-wide scanning to study how cryptography was deployed on the Internet led to the discovery of the Logjam and DROWN attacks on TLS, and the creation of Censys.

Between my time in undergrad and graduate school, I spent nine years at the University of Michigan. I’ve been a teaching assistant for most of the security and introductory computer science courses at Michigan, and I was lucky to be able to lecture for the undergraduate computer security course in Fall 2016. I was also fortunate enough to occasionally sneak out and intern with some outstanding teams. In 2016, I interned with the Google Chrome security team, and attempted to make OCSP suck less. I interned with Duo Security in 2013. I’m still regularly referred to as a “former Duo intern”. It’s not clear why this identity stuck.