I am an engineer and security researcher. I cofounded Censys, an attack-surface management security startup. I left Censys after their Series A. I’m currently building something new as employee #2 at a stealth-ish startup. I’m also a core contributor to the ZMap open-source project. I do part-time consulting and advising for startups. I can help with building out early engineering teams and cryptography engineering.

I defended my PhD at the University of Michigan in 2018. My advisor was J. Alex Halderman. I used Internet-wide scanning to study uses of cryptography on the Internet. This work led to the discovery of the Logjam and DROWN attacks on TLS, and the creation of Censys.

Throughout my nine years at Michigan as an undergrad and graduate student, I taught computer security as both a lecturer and a teaching assistant. I was also lucky to intern with the Google Chrome security team in 2016, where I attempted to make OCSP suck less.